Our Values

At Equity Report, we are proud of championing high-quality journalism and compassionate leadership, and we are committed to adhering to strict ethical standards at all times, in line with our editorial policy.

Our professional values could be summarised as follows:

  • We strive to be accurate, objective, and unbiased
  • We seek the truth
  • We are transparent and accountable both internally and with our readers
  • We passionately believe in ethical journalism and editorial integrity
  • We value and respect each other’s opinion
  • We cherish a positive, inclusive, and collaborative work environment
  • We are human-centric and quality-driven

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Valeria Camerino

Valeria is a seasoned business and financial journalist with fifteen years of industry experience.

Before launching Equity Report in October 2022, Valeria was European Editor for US-based financial news service CTFN, where she spent seven years reporting on event-driven situations, breaking news stories on complex financial and regulatory issues across several jurisdictions, from Europe and Africa to China, India, Brazil, and Australia.

Prior to that, she was Senior Reporter at TelecomFinance, Middle East correspondent, and later Southern Europe correspondent at Mergermarket (currently ION), and held a number of editorial positions with Dubai and London-based b2b publications.

She holds a BA (Hons) in Languages and Public Relations from Leeds Beckett University and an MA in International Journalism from University of Central Lancashire.